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727 NE Greenwood Ave,

Bend, OR 97701

727 NE Greenwood Ave,

Bend, OR 97701

Monday - Thursday, 12 pm to 5pm. Friday 12 pm to 4 pm
Closed Saturday & Sunday.

Also Closed: New Years Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Sher Ray Testimonials

Jennifer Lloyd

Mrs. Washington, USA 2019 - Two time winner of the Global Beauty Awards Best Pageant Parent. Her utter devotion to all things pageantry, she is a role model and an exemplary example of perseverance, dedication and integrity to everyone around her.

What I find most impressive with your product is how much moisture it holds. The immediate hydration and plumped feeling is visible. I’m absolutely grateful that I now am learning more about the benefits. I think your product addresses a natural way to increase hydration and immediate results. As consumers become more educated I see a huge market for your skin care.

Bert Luken

Owner/Corvettes of Bend * Bend, OR

I have been a type 2 diabetic for over 10 years and my feet have been a problem. However, after soaking my feet in Himalayan Salts purchased from Sher Ray Organic Cosmetics in Bend, Oregon my feet have never felt better.

On a recent trip the pain in my feet became a problem until my wife applied Sher Ray Organics and after 10 minutes the pain was gone.

These products worked for me and I have told many of my friends with aches and pains to get the above product

Suzy Rydberg

Bend, OR

Hi Sherry,
This is Suzy Ryberg, the acupuncturist. I met you while my son Sam was riding horses.I wanted to share with you that I started using your products that day and it helped my acne heal so quickly. In 4 days all breakouts were gone but still healing. By day 6, today, almost completely healed! My skin is not dry and irritated like before from over the counter acne products. Instead, my skin feels and looks amazingly hydrated, pores are less and less, and even wrinkles look less?! My neck looks less “chicken skin” as my son calls it!I love the grape seed oil so much that I put it on the acne spots directly 3-4 x a day. My skin loves it. Don’t worry, I’m washing and rinsing with warm water and my lovely silky sponge. I now have hope for healing emotionally and hope for having nice skin again!
Thank you so much,
Sincerely, Suzy

Mary Meier

Eugene, OR

Hi Sher Ray,
It was so generous of you to have the oil class January 26th! It was very informative and fun. You are generous to share your knowledge & products with all of us, I so thank you! Best wishes to you in your new location, I hope it exceed your expectations tenfold!
Blessings & again Mahalo!
Mary Meier

Susan Hart, MN, FNP, PNP, PMHNP-BC

Bend, OR

I received a partial thickness 3rd degree burn over the upper surface of my entire hand when I accidentally poured boiling water on it. I tried putting cold on it but was not home at the time and so was not able to do much. After getting home about 24 hrs after the burn occurred I started putting Formula 2 on it. 24h later I started putting Tucuma Butter on top of the Formula 2 and then wrapped my hand in plastic wrap. The eschar (scab) slowly started to dissolve and within a week my hand had totally healed. Even more surprising is that I have no scar from such a bad burn. I am a Nurse Practitioner and have never before seen a third degree burn heal so rapidly or without scarring. I am very picky about using or recommending products. Like much of commercially grown food, skin care products are often full of unsafe chemicals or the combination of chemicals is unsafe. Yet my patients often request and need skin care guidance. I have been surprised and delighted to finally find a line of products that I feel good about recommending as well as use myself. Sher Ray Organic Cosmetics has raised the bar on quality, natural and effective skin care products. Now my patients do something I’ve never seen before. They consistently report good outcomes and request more!

Thank you Sher Ray!!!!

Erin Clifford and Linda Finney

Bend, OR

I wanted to thank Sherry for making amazing products and for sharing her amazing knowledge. I have suffered with psoriasis on my legs. My legs looked absolutely awful when I saw Sherry for the first time. She had great ideas to help me manage my condition. First she suggested I soak my legs in Pink Himalayan Bath Salts once to twice a week followed by

Formula 2, which is very healing. These two items combined with 15 minutes of sun on my legs 3 times a week has made and continues to make an incredible difference. I can wear shorts and shirts again thanks to Sherry! I was so excited to show her the next time I saw her!

My Mom loves Sherry’s Formula 2 and Formula 8. The Formula 2 has been very healing when my Mom has had to have precancerous spots removed from her face. Formula 8 has made my Mom’s face much smoother, not dry, and healthier looking and feeling!

We both also love the Tucuma Body Butter. We both tend to have dry skin and the Tacuma body butter works magic to hydrate and smooth dry skin and sun damaged skin. My mom uses it especially on her hands and arms where I use it on my check and neck, but you could use this on your whole body which I do sometimes because it is so awesome! A little goes a long way!

The Argan Duet hand and Body Lotion is one of my favorites. My mom and I both love the White Lotus with Helichrysum. My face and body soak this lotion right up! It is light and makes my skin very happy.

Sherry, we are so grateful to know you.

Karen Rawnsley

Bend, OR

“I was introduced to your products a little over four months ago by Susan Hart at ProActive Health when I was complaining about how much I hated my neck. I am 68 years old, cannot have a laser neck lift procedure (irregular heart beat) and am not interested in surgery. Susan highly recommended that I use your Tucuma Butter as a neck treatment and Formula 2X for my face.

Within one month, I realized how my general skin health had improved. So, I took advantage of filling out the detailed skin care survey to send you for evaluation. What an eye opener!

I was a twice per day soap-and-water gal and a long time user of Clinique serums/moisturizers/make up. Switching to your chemical free regimen has resulted in less redness and sensitivity, with more firm and supple skin tone. It took a while for me to get used to not using facial soap, cleansers, and scrubs. Now I use olive oil to remove my make up, and your Silk Sea Sponge with hot water for cleansing.

I would describe the Sher Ray Formulas as a “healthy diet” for my face, neck, and decollete. I also have been using the Tucuma Butter on my forearms (thin skin); it is really great.

Healthy skin looks younger with or without make up!”

Jennifer Dehner

Bend, OR

I started using a sample of the YUZU Belmish Lotion about three months ago and my skin will never be the same! Redness, large pores and other residual effects of my acne (hormonal) have practically disappeared. Within 15 minutes of applying YUZU, my imperfections are quelled, redness is reduced (or completely diminished), and I feel confident in my skin’s appearance. The immediate benefits as well as long-term skin health has changed how I treat and love my skin. I will buy for years to come. Thank you Sher Ray!

Martha Mills

Bend, OR

I love the feel of my skin after just a few days using all the products. My skin is soft and my pores are almost undetectable!
I’m thrilled!!
I let my 26 year old daughter use the grape seed oil and the argan duet and she was blown away with the minimalization of her pores!

Paula Cordell, Ms. Senior Oregon USA 2018

Bend, OR

I have presently been using the Sher Ray Organic Cosmetics line for a while now and have noticed a change in the wrinkles on my face. They are no longer deep wrinkles now they have diminished to the point of where they are very shallow and very fine light lines. Now when I look in the mirror I am so pleasantly surprised that I can hardly wait for others to tell me how young I look. I am 64 years old and have been told by many people that I look years younger.

I use the following products of hers and am so pleased with them. They are as follows: Anti-Aging Therapeutic Super Serum Formula 3, 100% Natural Grapeseed Oil, Tucuma BB Butter with Neroli Essential Oil, Sher Perfection Eye Emulsifying Cream, Latte Lip Balm and Argan Duet Hand and Body Lotion. She uses the finest of ingredients in my opinion that’s why I believe her products are working so well for me. As I am presently, Ms Senior Oregon USA 2018 I want to thank you Sher Ray for offering such a wonderful line of skin care products that really have made a difference for me.

Kelly Henry

Bend, OR

“Thanks so much for the delivery and the sample shampoo! I love your products!”

Erin Kessler

Bend, OR

The Argan Duet Hand & Body Lotion and the Latte Lip Balm are both very wonderful products. Both are very moisturizing, they smell lovely, and I love knowing I’m using natural products on my skin. Thanks Sherry!

Dr. Jeremy Boethin, DC

Bend, OR

Having used the Skin Warrior serum for about a month now, I have noticed that my razor bumps have completely vanished. My skin texture is smoother and it looks and feels healthier. I am a true believer in the power of this product.

Brenda Tukey

Boise, ID

“I just had to write you to tell you how happy I am with your Evening Dream facial cream. For years I have suffered with tiny little blackheads around the outer edges of my eyes. Sadly with age I am also getting lines there so decided to try your cream just on the outer edges of my eyes. You can not imagine my shock and delight when after less than a week of using your product ALL blemishes around my eyes had just DISAPPEARED!! Needless to say… for me that was a Dream!! Keep up the great work! Also, after moving from wet, humid Florida to dry Idaho my lips were severely chapped and close to cracking. After just two days of using your AWESOME lip balm my lips were beautiful and moist again. They had healed so quickly I could not believe it. I call it Magic in a tube.”

Lynda Cunningham

Monterey, CA

“I have been using Formula 100 for several months and recommend it highly for women with hot flashes. I noticed a difference right away and it smells wonderful!”

Anita Kolish, MD

Internist, Redmond, OR

“I am truly amazed with the newest addition to your incredible line of Organic anti-aging Super Serums! Formula 002 Lemon Balm Remedy is pure magic. You are truly the ‘Madame Curie’ of skin care.”

David Boynton

Landlord, Bend, OR

“I used to make my own skin care products, but then I found Sher-Ray two and a half years ago and have been using Formula 8 daily, Formula 8-A nightly and religiously ever since. I have a light complexion and sensitive skin, so using organic formulas are crucial. The Tucuma Butter is wonderful to prevent dry spots and skin breakages.”

Nancy Lind

Former Federal Agent, Bend, OR

“I’m already using Formula 4 and loving it. I thought I would test F 2 and the claims of repairing/healing the skin. I have a dry rough spot on my forehead and a brown age spot by my eye, which became my test candidates. OMG, in 3 weeks the age spot coloring has faded away AND the dry rough spot has decreased in size by about a third. I am a believer!!”

Donna Kopacz

Sun River, OR

“The Tucuma Butter was fabulous. Loved the fragrance. Product melts and flows on the skin exceptionally well. I thought it might be greasy but absorbed into the skin leaving a soft, moist texture. Kudos for this product!”

Cheryl Kratzer

Former Owner of “Fresh Tea”, Women’s & Children’s Clothing * San Diego, CA

“I’ve been using Formula 2X for the past month and am shocked at the incredible results. I think you have discovered the fountain of youth! The texture of my skin is changing along with the reduction of lines and wrinkles. Everyday is an improvement. I will NEVER stop using this exceptional product.”

Nai Alamo Hecht

Attorney * Burbank, CA

“I was given Sher-Ray Organic skincare formula’s 8 and 8a as a gift and am now 100% hooked. I use the 8a every night and 8 every morning and my skin has never ever looked so good. I am in my early 50’s with some sun damage and just starting with the fine lines. Since using the formulas daily there is a very noticeable difference in my skin tone. It feels tighter and the lines are plumping up and disappearing. I LOVE these serums.”

Judi Tolboe

Bend, OR

“I purchased the Formula 4 from Oregon Body and Bath as I had been hearing about these products and wanted to see for myself. Well, I must say – Formula 4 was actually more wonderful then promised. It absorbed quickly into my skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated all day long. I’m now using it day and night and can’t wait to try some of their other products. This really is a super serum and good value as well.”

Sondra Burnham

Owner Jack Flash Tees Women’s Clothing * Bend, OR

“I have been using Sher-Ray organic skin serums for the last 6 months and have honestly seen a huge improvement in my skin. I use the 2X at night and Formula 8 in the morning and it is shedding years off my age. My skin tone is bright and healthy, and the lines around my mouth and eyes have just about completely disappeared. The statements made by Sher Ray are all true. I love this line.”

Mary Zogg

Manufacture’s Sales Rep * Portland, OR

“I love the formula 4 and especially being able to apply after I have a little make up on. I used it for a week or so, then went out of town and didn’t take it with me. I thought I would take the rest of what I was using but my skin felt so dry! I couldn’t wait to get home and start using it again. I don’t always use make-up but when I do, my make up just glides on. I love the way it feels and looks on my skin, and most importantly, I know I’m not putting a bunch of chemicals on my face. I also love the Tucuma Butter. I have been using it on my neck and chest and noticed that some dry little bumps on my chest are no longer there! Thank you for wonderful products! I’m going to try them all..…”

Anita Kolish, MD

Bend, OR

“I LOVE your oil.”

“It’s the most wonderful stuff I’ve ever had.”

“I think you gave me Formula 8, which I use at night and during the day and it’s just so fantastic. It feels so good! If I could get two more of those.”

“I just love it, it’s fantastic stuff.”

Tracy Shinkle, Pharmacist

Bend, OR

“I have been using quality products since my 20′s and I’m now 50 so I consider myself somewhat of a expert on facial products. And ever since I used this product, I have become ADDICTED to it. My husband and I actually call it Sherry’s Miracle Oil because we absolutely can’t do without it now. It’s an amazing product because unlike the other oils that I’ve tried, this product soaks into my skin immediately without leaving that oily residue. And it leaves my skin with a healthy natural glow so that I don’t even want to wear make-up anymore because it would cover up my natural skin, which looks better than any make-up would. I like that the product is organic. As a pharmacist I know that what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream and I want that product to be not harmful to my body obviously. My skin is very sensitive to products and the fact that this serum has no artificial fragrance, it just smells of the natural oils that are included in the product. I think that is a big reason why many of us with sensitive skin have not reacted to it, and react to it in a positive way. I cannot say enough good things about this product. I rave about it to all my friends and everybody wants to try it and has been impressed with the results. You get results right away, but more after you use it for an extended period of time. But even after one application I could tell that my skin looked better and felt better.”

Connie Coblantz

Yarrow Point, WA

“The lotion is amazing and where I once had dry cracking skin on my legs it has begun to heal. The serum (French Lavender Argan Duet) I have used each night for just under a week and don’t have near as much dryness on my cheeks due to our weather and it has helped to firm skin. I have noticed one other benefit that I really like and that is the lavender in the syrum has helped me to fall asleep 30-45 minutes earlier than I was before which has resulted in being not as tired and getting more done the next day….. I’m looking forward to trying other products in the future.”

Jenny Aboud

Pompano Beach, FL

“I was very impressed with how soft my skin felt after applying the oil. I’ve never been very disciplined with skin care products but wanted to use this product more than others and believe it offers enormous benefits if used as directed.”

Janet Laurin

Whittier, CA

“I have been using the day and night moisturizer for about two months. I noticed a difference in my skin within the first week. My students have been commenting: ‘You don’t look as tired as you used to’ and ‘You look happy these days.’ Of course, I don’t share my secret.”

Denise DeCalle, RN

Bend, OR

“I have used the products for over 1 month. The heavier oil works best for my dry damaged skin. I love how smooth it makes my skin feel and had no negative side effects. It appeared more tight, soft, and felt natural. I have used many products over the years and normally 6-8 different serums, creams, eye products, day and night products. Using 1 product is less expensive and less complicated and easier to travel.”

Jen Allen

Bend, OR


I want you to know how grateful I am for introducing me to your product. I have always had trouble with my skin. I have suffered with oily, ace prone skin for most of my teen and adult life. It seemed that no matter what I tried, the products dried out my skin but didn’t stop the break-outs. Once you gave me a sample of your Formula 4, I was hooked! My skin is now silky smooth, my pores have shrunk and my acne has all but disappeared. Your serum has made me feel more confidant about my appearance and is worth every penny and then some!”

Jacob Allen

Bend, OR


My mom shared her Formula 4 with me when I was complaining about how dry my skin was because of the acne products I was using. She told me how much it had helped her skin and because I got her oily, acne prone skin she thought it could do the same for me. Sherry, I used the Formula 4 once before bed and when I got up the next morning I could not believe the change! My pores were smaller and my skin had started to clear up. I have been using it for a week now and I have thrown everything else I was using in the trash. As a 17 year old high school student, I can’t thank you enough.”

Donna Markham

McMinnville, OR

“All products are like revitalizing nourishment to the skin. My skin, being abused for years from sun, smoking, drinking and hormones was a true test. My husband and I fight over the Formula 4, which I like very much.”

Terry Markham

McMinneville, OR

“My wife says my skin looks healthier and more vibrant. For a change, I must agree with her!”

Eric Plantenberg

Bend, OR

“Sherry’s products are pure magic! I’ve never experienced a product that has such powerful healing properties. And I’ve finally found a skincare line that helps protect my skin in an all natural way. Thanks Sherry!”

Bonnie Miller

Bend, OR

“I had stage 4 throat cancer and subsequent surgery and radiation. My throat and neck were burned. I used Formula 2 and the results were amazing. Within four days, my neck was so much better and within a week, the burned area was normal. It is truly an incredible product.”

Rika Turel

Bend, OR

“I have never used any product where I can see such an excellent result in such a short time. I knew my face was plumper, smoother, and the pores seemed smaller and tighter. When I applied my regular make-up to my face, I noticed even a more significant difference. I am so glad I discovered Formula 2X. Thank you Sher Ray!”


The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. If a condition persists, contact your health care provider. WARNING: FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN CHECK WITH DOCTOR BEFOR USE IF PREGNANT.